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I went by the dry cleaners this morning to pick up a couple of things only to find the Korean couple whom used to run the place had been replaced by some Middle Easterners. "Where is the Korean lady who used to work here," I asked. "Oh," the new guy at the front counter replied in his broken English, "She died of cancer." And just like that, my mind started racing off on some wild tangent, both to sublimate the situation, and to deflect any social/psychological implications that might have crept into my own well being. I mean, this was not an elderly woman. She was much younger than me. But then she did work in an industry replete with some pretty nasty chemicals, and on a daily basis. I wondered if her life would have been any different or perhaps even better had she remained in her native country.

My mental chain reaction of thoughts somehow skipped through hyperspace and into the scene from War of the Worlds where Tom Cruise was literally running for his life down a crowded street of panic stricken people, some of them being vaporized right next to him, by the giant Martian's robot laser beam and it's scorched earth agenda. In that moment I forgave Tom Cruise for all of his L. Ron Hubbard follies, as he provided me with the incentive that if I also could survive, I too, could alter the dismal fate of humanity.

The Cayce Cure For Cancer - Phil Thomas

During the course of his lifetime America's most beloved sensitive, Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), gave more than 14,000 documented readings of which approximately 8,500 were provided for individual health/illness requests. Mr. Cayce's inherent ability to perceive and accurately explain the condition of the body, as well as make practical suggestions for non-invasive methods toward assisting in it's return to homeostasis, ultimately earned him the title of the father of holism. Simultaneously, this laid the foundations of natural heath for the foreseeable future and set the standards by which all other psychically obtained information could be evaluated.

Amidst the forays of Mr. Cayce's treatise of the future of heath consciousness are modalities that have been endorsed by the masses such as the body/mind interface. Other precepts are en route like the importance of a balanced acid – alkaline diet, and vertebral alignment. Still other concepts such as vibrational medicine and the Cayce cure for cancer patiently wait in the wings for review.

The Cayce cure for cancer involved a smattering of outside influences, however, one key element provided the running theme by which the causative was addressed; the regular ingestion of tiny amounts of a specific carbon compound, followed by a limited exposure to a filtered ultraviolet light. The carbon being produced in a non-liquid, high temperature electric arc, would bond with the tumor site following oral ingestion, via a dielectric charge, and a few minutes later would release it's oxygen into the site via the exposure to the ultraviolet light. This in turn would result in intracellular oxygenation and reverse the malignant process found in anaerobic environment.

The presentation will include a synopsis of the relevant readings, how the ash was to be made and used, and developmental work to date.

I wrote that synopsis of my perspective on the Cayce approach to cancer, or as I prefer to refer to it, cellular malignancy, about twenty years ago as a submission to a review board for an upcoming natural health conference in Israel dedicated to looking at finding alternative treatments for cancer. Outside the berated "fringe" community, there were no conferences like this in the U.S., and I suspected the best chance I had of meeting up with other like-minded individuals lay beyond the boarders. As it turned out, I was correct in my presumption in so far as the fear of reprisal from the American pharmaceutical drug cartel was deeply seated in the ranks of those with a fundamental understanding of the "C-word" and how it might be addressed in a comprehensive yet alternative manner, even back in those days.

Quite unlike the way it was presented by the American media, Israel presented a more innocent and conducive environment for stepping outside the realms found in mainstream medicine. Children still played outside at night unsupervised in the city and teenage girls handled the jobs of airport security.

The conference itself was a marathon of presenters from many countries, and each attempted to assert their own bias as the way forward. The Israel contingent was hung up at that time on the homeopathic approach, the Eastern Bloc was experimenting with advanced radiostesia, and many others were promoting basic life style changes, both mental and physical. Put it all together and you have a reasonable exchange of ideas and ideals, but let's be honest; it wasn't going to move the needle much in the real world. In the end, it was a handful of Americans and Brits who laid the groundwork for a comprehensive networking system, as well as the concrete ideas for getting at the nature of the problem. By the time I got a chance to speak the long weekend was virtually over, and the few remaining people there were as exhausted as I was. I realized then that having a real impact upon the larger psyche was going to be an ongoing challenge.

In retrospect, I believe it was this conference which first enlightened me to the idea that addressing cellular malignancy was not so much a process of requiting and reverse engineering the allopathic model, but more of an issue of re-establishing and enhancing the individual belief system, thereby establishing a mechanism in which one person at a time could take control of their own decision making process. I was well aware that trying to impose my particular perspective upon the masses would only further the morass that was the present situation, and I needed a way of assisting the empowerment of each person so they could realign with their own free will. Considering what so many other researchers had been through over time in attempting to go against the party line, I felt as if this was a clear path to resolving the given circumstance, so I returned to the states in search of a means by which I could test my premise, and ultimate quandry.

It wasn't long before the Cayce readings opened up to me the spectra of a detoxified form of iodine. By now the readings were on disc so my search and number crunching were made relatively easy. I was conscious of the Atomic form of iodine which Mr. Cayce spoke of quite frequently, but the light reflecting off the monitor when I first came to terms with the more then 4,400 times it was listed was truly moving. Here was a concept that was only in production for a few years during late 1920's and on into the early 1930's while the East Indian who had first presented the concept of oral ingestion of iodine to Cayce had been given the electrification process for detoxification of the precocious element during a series of readings and henceforth had successfully treated several thousand people with varying ailments during that time. Coming to an understanding of how to replicate the experiment would take several years, and then presenting the concept to the general public without the means of conventional advertising and marketing so as to protect it from the market forces would take many more years, but ultimately the verification would come if indeed it was viable in nature. The original test run quite likely would have had much more of a mainstream effect except for the fact the East Indian who was producing it at the time passed on in 1935, and along with him the availability of the product. By then the government had already ascertained that salt would be iodized as a means by which the general public could have trace amounts in their diet, as they had concluded that there was a correlation between iodine deficiency and the incidence of goiter. Mr. Cayce, however, was distraught with the assertion, as he understood goiter was merely the tip of the iceberg when it came to thyroid dysfunction, and that in truth the thyroids were at the center of the glandular process, leading them to be at the forefront of body chemistry balance. Having a little bit of iodine in the system would only mask the larger problem that would be greatly accentuated with the advent of radiation exposure and the advent of the technological explosion of the coming century. Protecting the hypersensitive thyroids as well as the reproductive glands from radiation could only be achieved by having adequate amounts of iodine in the body, and seeing as these amounts were much higher then the trace amounts found in salt, the government had once again undermined any attempt to rectify the larger problem, and as a halogen, or toxic influence upon the body, particularly in the amounts necessary to jumpstart a sluggish thyroid, the iodine would necessarily have to transmuted into the atomic or detoxified state prior to ingestion. Indeed, this is exactly why Mr. Cayce went to such lengths to try and present this concept to the population at large.

Expanded out, there was one more important premise to the idea of stimulating and protecting the thyroids, they are the "will" center. You see in the Cayce readings free will is the strongest power in earth, that being it can overcome any and all other obstacles. This is our oneness or heritage with the creative forces and when we relinquish it to others, we are stuck in the pattern of not being able to move in a positive and/or creative direction. In effect, Mr. Cayce was providing us with the means to empower ourselves, and that my friends is the doorway to enlightenment.

During the last twenty years I have observed what Mr. Cayce was speaking about by making available the detoxified iodine and listening to those who have utilized it. Today there is a widespread movement to supplement with various forms of iodine as well as an equally virulent movement to suppress various forms raw iodine distributors, and manufacturers by various and vested interested parties and of course the pharmaceutical lobbies. Having people regain their health and well being without the dominant use of the medical community is not an idea which has been contemplated by the general population, and it would be such laughable premise to the drug cartel they could not even allow it to enter into their collective consciousness, and yet here it is.

Having said this it is still up to individuals to decide for themselves if they indeed would like to move forward. Having come into the three dimensional plane of our own volition there is a certain entrainment we have emulsified ourselves in which provides a comfort of familiarity. What's more, on some level we seem to hold an inherent understanding that if we choose not to choose, we can always come back later and correct our lack of forward thinking. This seems to bridge the gap between being responsible to our higher purpose and being alienated by the circumstances we find ourselves in here on planet earth. Will we repeat the same patterns we are familiar with or will we move into the brave new world?

I am buoyed by the idea that we can try this new idea of how to address various forms of cancer in a non-invasive yet comprehensive manner. Let me give you an example. There was this fellow who came to spend some time with me to see if he could get beyond his tumor masses, two of which, that had encompassed areas of his upper and lower primary artery in the center of the body. After spending a couple of weeks with me I decided to give him the lamp I had on hand and some ash to take home with him several hundred miles away. About a month later he went in to the Cleveland Clinic's revered facility to have the first of the two tumors removed. Now this is not a simple procedure and before you go in they let you know that only half of the patients who come in for this surgery ever wake up. Interestingly enough, the doctors were amazed to find that once they opened up his body, the upper tumor was almost completely detached from the primary artery and there was very little surgery necessary. A month later they went in to get the lower mass and the circumstances were almost identical to the first surgery. Despite having never seen anything like this, no one from the Cleveland Clinic ever bothered to follow up on why this situation was so much different then anything else they had ever seen. The follow up to his story is that within a year he was dead from a long standing heroin addiction, the likes of which I was never aware of until his buddy informed me a few years later.

Not long after that another fellow came to visit who was dealing with a relatively aggressive form of cancer that showed up shortly after his wife had passed on a year before. Having heard of my work by means of friends in Virginia Beach where he lived, he was fortunate to have a relative living about 30 miles from where I lived so he decided to come and try the ash/lamp setup for himself. After a couple weeks of sessions he decided to go back to the beach and within another month he had returned to his oncologist who was astounded to find that he had gone into remission from what had previously been a get your papers in order as you only have a few weeks left proclamation. The follow up on his story was that he too had passed on within a year as his cancer returned and this time he took no action to avoid his demise.

A few weeks after that my own mother revealed to me that she had lung cancer and that she was going in for a final consultation before the surgical procedure. The attending oncologist was irate that I would want to postpone the surgery, and screamed at me that my mother would have less than a one in a million chance of survival if she did not have the surgery immediately. Six weeks later she went in to another scan and the tumor was gone. Of course the doctor was not interested in discussing how I had beaten such odds, and my mother is still around today five years later.

In spite of these recoveries and perhaps a handful more like them, I was never able to convince anyone else that this might be an area of research worth investigating. Eventually I gave up the oversight to the person who was building the lamps for me and the premise went back into seclusion where it remains to this day.

There is the necessity that the physical body be in as perfect accord with the universal forces as possible, but "Thy will be done in me as thou seest I have need of in the present. Let me bear in my body those conditions, circumstances, physical and mental, that will bring me wholly closer to an understanding of the purposes for which I came into being; without censure to anyone, without censure to myself, but use me as thou seest fit!" --- Reading 5640-3

Component Nature:

The Ultra-Violet Lamp

UV Lamp

The Cayce readings recommend a very short, but very intense exposure to a mercury/quartz ultra-violet light. Mr. Cayce calls for an 800-watt bulb at one end of an enclosed housing and a Nile green plate of glass over the opposing opening. The distance between the bulb and the filter was given as 38 to 42 inches. The light would be directed at the spine and be placed between 14 and 16 inches from the body. Tiny amounts of the ash (1/8 – 1/4 grain) would be ingested ten to fifteen minutes prior to exposure to the light, and the exposure time was given as one to one and a half minutes.

The Carbon Ash Production Unit

Carbon Ash Production Unit

The Cayce readings provide us with two different forms of ash to be developed for oral ingestion: Animated and Carbon. Both were carbon forms produced in a partial vacuum as to provide a vehicle if you will for carrying the high concentrations of oxygen into the bloodstream. The Animated form is by far the easier of the two to produce and subsequently the form Mr. Cayce advocated to most in order to ensure a certain amount of time and energy be dedicated to researching and developing the concept. At one point in the readings, while the people interested in the project were trying to provoke Mr. Cayce into elaborating on the concept's viability prior to having produced and subsequently tested either form, Mr. Cayce suggested that the ash would prove to be the "boon to humanity." At the time the discussion was focused on the Carbon form so it was taken out of context to mean that this was the form he was referring to. From that point forward all of the interested parties worked on the development of the carbon from which proved to be beyond the scope of the various researchers over the years. Indeed, this one reading proved to be the stumbling block for both forms ever being developed.

By the time I got around to considering the concept I was already a veteran at developing concepts unique to the Cayce perspective. It was obvious to me that the place to start was with the Animated Ash as this was the one Mr. Cayce was trying to get going. The production of the animated form would be much easier, even if it did not prove to be the boon to humanity. I created a partial vacuum by using a glass tube as the burn chamber and inserted carbon probes in either end with connecting wires that were powered up with an arc welder. The idea was to place a small amount of finely diced bamboo in the center of the tube and run an electrical arc across it. The tube would allow enough air inside for the bamboo to be carbonized, but inhibit it from being reduced to a grey oxide. Upon my initial run the Pyrex tube exploded under the intense heat, but a few days later when I tried again with a quartz tube I produced my first batch of Animated Ash. Along with finding an old U.V. lamp, I was ready to begin testing the concept upon myself. Eventually, my buddy who was an electrical and mechanical wiz kid took an interest in the development of the equipment to produce the carbon form of ash. As this form is far more complicated to produce there has been only limited testing done with it. Given the initial results I witnessed with the animated form though, I believe it's only a matter of time before the resources necessary to further study the idea materialize.